a START-UP a Case History


High Throughput Pharmacology


Axiom Biotechnologies, a privately-held company was focused on improving the efficiency of drug discovery with an accelerated process of screening 'hits' to pre-clinical leads.

Axiom’s Proof-of-concept resulted in a long chain of bio / electro / mechanical sub-components, sprawled out in a sequence across numerous laboratory bench tops.



Axiom came to Rogov with a need to compress a room full of bio/electro/mechanical components into a compact stand-alone, high-throughput, automated pharmacology station, operated by a single lab technician.



On close examination, we found a myriad of individual high precision instruments in the path of process. From agitators to photometers, spectrum analyzers to liquid transfer mechanisms, with tubing stretching across the room to waste disposal containers, along with high-voltage electrical cables snaking around the lab.



Part 1 How do you organize and fit a room-full of mechanical and electrical components from diverse manufacturers in diverse sizes, scattered on benches around the laboratory, into a single stand-alone system with appropriate ergonomics, value and gross margins?

Part 2 How do you integrate the diverse independent electrical connections with complex and unique safety issues, along with liquid management and hazardous waste disposal issues? How do you manifest all those requirements into one compact, elegant, and harmonious gene mining station. One which will also impress the lab technician, who will be running the station day after day?


Our Design Process

We began with an audit of Axiom's proprietary core technology and studied all the components and their purpose in the chain.



We kicked off, in parallel, competitive and related product design reviews to set our strategic design path, built full scale, easy-to-handle mock-ups of each component for aid in our configuration exploration process.

With almost instant feed back from full scale mock-ups we determined configurations which would produce the most effective and efficient process flow, offer the smallest foot print and motivate the operating lab technician.

Pharmacology instrument

Human Factors, Ergonomics & Usability

The real-scale and in real-time, allowed us intensive testing which quickly revealed and confirmed options for optimum operator comfort and  effectiveness; as well as impact on results, throughput and sequence of operator perception and usability.


Materials & Processes

We explored structures and materials which could contain all the components in a compact and cost efficient manner.



With the aid of the detailed full-scale station model, we collected instant feedback in exploring and testing all relevant hypothesis, actual scale, human factors, structure, materials, usability, servicing, liquid and electrical routing, manufacture-ability and costs.

The model quickly and accurately helped determine component placements for convenient servicing, maintenance and calibration functions... It also served to reveal safety issues with electrical systems and waste liquid disposal collection placement. In fact, we failed fast, learned from the discovery and solved each problem as it manifested. That's instant feed back.

Prototyping Pharmacology equipment.

Detail Design

Utilizing state-of-the-art computer design, engineering detail design progressed naturally in a focused collaborative effort. The full scale mock-up enabled quick review and resolution of engineering obstacles, and just as quickly revealed areas available for compromise and areas requiring adherence to proven principlesleading to a clear understanding of the expectations in desired outcome.



Following an aggressive schedule, we were able to plug in our affiliated vendors, metal processing and parts finishing houses, as components moved through engineering to the appropriate level of detail and specifications.


Progressive Quality Control

Parts were checked for fit and finish as they arrived, and we built three systems and delivered them to the customer: plug-and-play ready.

Testing pharmacology product experience.



Today, emerging companies must show an ability to understand the challenges of a larger company in terms of product design, branding development and economics in order to cement a leading-edge partnership.

Startup companies such as Axiom emerge out of a core technology, usually without the resources of established companies and execution

 becomes the make-or-break criteria...


Partnering with Rogov

A fast-track process leveraged a cost-effective path. AXIOM Biotechnologies was able to not only invent a new technology to accelerate the process of drug discovery, but they delivered a complete packaged solution in a way which would rival the quality and resources of multi-national competition.

The company was subsequently acquired by Arena Pharmaceuticals.



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