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We work with manufacturers, start-ups, and organizations seeking growth, influence and agility
to create beautiful products and brand experiences.


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The classic Lagonda
Eating utnsils for the elderly.
Electronic products packaging
The card shuffler
Rogov designed music station
Stainless steel mixing bowl
Cable testing pinger
HP Photoprinter concept
General Motors cable testing prototype
Wearable product
Ashtrays designed by Vladymir Rogov

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ROGOV’s flexibility, creativity, and willingness to go above and beyond, delivered results that surpassed our greatest expectations.


...Turning our best-in-class technology into a product and customer-facing brand, we partnered with ROGOV Design because we trusted ROGOV to help us define our market and brand vision, refine our product, and guide us through a successful launch.

"Our selling proposition was greatly enhanced by Rogov's design. You turned my innovative technical idea into a finely crafted brand."

The Psibernet won "hot product of the year" award from DATA COMM Magazine and helped to launch the Psiber brand on a journey of evolution and customer acquisition.

Darrell Johnson President -
Psiber Data Systems, Inc.

"I appreciate your strategic approach to design, with a full investigation of existing ultrasound equipment, and a careful extrapolation of this look and feel into the next five year time frame.

I also appreciate your method of interfacing and working with our scientists and engineers, and your attention to the team aspect of this project. Finally, I appreciate your attention to deadlines and to the many small details involved with the completion of the project."

Peter Martin
Senior Scientist - Thermotrex Corporation

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Vladymir Rogov create better lives

...Use the link below and tell me more about yourself.

“I’m an investor, a full time product designer and brand developer. What I do, to help grow companies is maybe the hardest form of persuasion in the world.

To compete and win business, over the years, I’ve had to develop and refine a formula to help creative start-ups, and organizations seeking growth, influence and agility to design their next generation of products and brand experiences. So far, it’s brought amazing (ROI) Return On Investment for investors and created better lives for their customers.

We are definitely a fit to solve your problem, and can take care of the design details you need at a price that’s fair, but, the next step is to figure out if we can accept you as a client. Before we invest more time in figuring it out, I need to know what it’s like to work with you.


Vladymir Rogov, CEO / Design Director

create better lives


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