Music in Design

Vladymir Rogov speaks about design and music with David Marsden, Canadian radio broadcaster at - Toronto, Canada, June 2015.

Personality Language

This video will help you begin to identify hidden personality patterns within every conversation—whether you're at a meeting with customers, playing golf with your buddies, or at a dinner party. Get to know how to speak to everyone. Industrial designer Vladymir Rogov gives designers deeper insight and understanding of four basic personality giveaways when presenting their ideas.

Parallel Universe  -  Lecture Trailer

Vladymir Rogov shows a world where all design styles coexist and flourish in parallel. This video reveals five keys by which to identify universal styles: Contemporary, Post-Modern, Modernism, Art Deco, Colonial, Victorian, Gothic, Baroque, Medieval, Ancient and more.


The Serena Chair

The internationally renowned industrial designer's Serena Chair is made from water-jet cut alloy, anodized in black, silver or gold.

weMonitor Development

ROGOV Design, re-envisioned energy monitoring to address human-centered design needs.


Desk Architecture

Designed to express the value of human experience in social rituals and human interaction, throughout history, from ancient times to the present day, the Desk Architecture Collection represents markers in our social rituals and human interactions — artifacts between friends.

Inspiration & Execution

Take a walk through the development of the  "elegant ashtray" development for the Desk Architecture Collection, from influence and concept to computer numeric control (CNC) machining setup, all the way to Mayfair House the Beverly Hills showroom.


Tutorial video. Testing Fiber Network Cables with a PingerPro," from Psiber Data Systems.


Myriad Pro


Brand Authority

Just 5 percent of brands own 95 percent of their markets. These are authority brands with power, influence and a huge following. Brands are nations that live in the mind.


Vladymir Rogov's Secret Sketchbook

The best ideas most often manifest far from the office or design studio, far from technology and slick rendering tools. The liquid moments between inspiration and execution are the seeds of human expression.

Take a glimpse of the candid and insightful moments during the conceptual ideation and realization of  industrial designer Vladymir Rogov’s iconic Desk Architecture Collection.


San Diego